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Different classes receive different treatment from our mods. It's all fair, but there are certain things Breeders will be able to do that Coordinators probably won't. This is to help you choose what class you want your character to be.

Pokemon Trainer
Probably the most common class among people all around. This class is mostly for people who want to challenge gyms and eventually defeat the Elite Four. Of course not all trainers are like this. There are some that just enjoy battling with others and don't really make badges first priority. These characters will probably get more NPC encounters and maybe mini-plots resulting in a prize.

Pokemon Coordinators
Some of the most aesthetically preoccupied people. They try and keep their pokemon looking as good as possible and worry more about strategic battling rather than brute force. Characters that fall under this category will be able to participate in weekly to monthly contest in different cities across Elix.

Pokemon Breeders
These people care about their pokemon like no others. They put their pokemon before anything else and usually have strong relationships with them. They often know different skills like cooking pokefood or finding and examining berries. These characters will most likely to meet other NPC breeders and are able to breed pokemon.

Gym Leaders and Higher
Gym Leaders and Elite 4 Members are exclusively NPC. At least for now. Maybe sometime in the future we will open Gym Leader and E4 spots to people as a secondary, but at the moment that is not a choice.
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