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 Face Claim List

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PostSubject: Face Claim List   Face Claim List EmptyThu Jul 14, 2011 3:29 am

This is full list of all the face claims that have been picked by current members and the character they represent. Face claims are completely optional, but they help give role players a visual representation of characters using characters that have already been created.
Face claims must be from an anime/cartoon; and your character doesn't have to take on that person's personality just because you're using them. (Ex: If you use Silver as a FC, you don't have to have your character act like Silver does.) Remember main canons from the anime (Ash, Brock, Misty, Dawn, May, etc) cannot be used. We do allow manga characters to be used, as long as their character isn't a major canon in the anime.

Blue from Pokemon Adventures ;; Lucy Hart
Green from Pokemon Adventures ;; Nick Evans
Kotone from Pokemon: HG/SS Version ;; Cecilia Marie Valentin
Red from Pokemon Adventures ;; Andy Johnson
Wilma from Pokemon Anime ;; Maggy Violett

Claim a face! Copy and paste this into the quick reply to this topic. Please remove all * from the code.
[*code][b][color=#183F52]Name of face claim![/color][/b] from [b]name of anime[/b] ;; [i]character's name[/i][/*code]

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Face Claim List
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