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 Kiyomizu, Kouki

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Kouki Kiyomizu
Kouki Kiyomizu

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PostSubject: Kiyomizu, Kouki   Kiyomizu, Kouki EmptyTue Jul 19, 2011 3:23 pm

Kiyomizu, Kouki

Kiyomizu, Kouki 30592

Age: 16
Birthday: 03/07/95
Gender: M
Sexual Preference:Gay
Relationship Status: Single
Class: Trainer
Starter Pokemon Seel

Hometown: Vermillion City, Kanto Region
History: The life of a trainer soon become a master has finally taken its toll as Kouki Kiyomizu began to take the interest in the life of a pokemon trainer. It wasn't a surprize that he wanted to be a trainer. I mean his Dad is one and his Mom was one. Well I lied he didn't want to become a trainer ebcause his father was one but because his mom was one. His mom died in a car accident during the night of a windy thunderstorm. That night is a night Kouki vowed to enver forget because it was the last night his mother ever got the chance to say I love you. Even for pokemon that is extremely sad, and at the time for Kouki is was more frustrating than sad. He thought his mom was so selfish for dieing like that not even getting the chance to see him become a great pokemon trainer but in the end he can only hope to make her long departed soul happier now than it has ever been. He pleaded, begged his dad to teach him all of the things about pokemon. Liek types, adavantages, disadvantages, all of it! He wanted to make His dad proud, his mom proud, even himself proud.

It was a dream of his that all trainers have but his wasn't for the fame or the glory, his dream in becoming a pokemon master was more for the proudness he wanted to bestow in his mothers warm drifted spirit. What better way to do that then start the journey off with the pokemon his mom wanted to give to him as a gift for his 16th birthday. That pokemon was a Seel. it was favored by the Kiyomizu family and has been something passed down to each generation in a persons time of becoming, and boy wasn't it truly Kouki's time. The day of his becoming, the day he turned 16 was the day when his life really began to start. His farther gave him the present in which his mom had instrusted with him. That Present was the seel, the pokemon that would end all of His troubles. The pokemon that 'seeled' his and his mothers love. It was then when Kouki made a vow, a vow that will be hsi main goal. He would evolve the seel before doing anything else, except fro catching pokemon. When he evolved the seel that was when he would start battling the gymleaders, ebcause when the seel is evolved it will shine a new light upon the spiritual love Kouki has with his mother, and that spiritual love will gorw as Kouki and the Seel grow. With will never end.


  • Food really does please and soothe his spirit especially in the time of hunger.
  • Pokemon are something that always seem to bring joy to his day.
  • Tranquility is something he desperately craves. it is the only thing that keeps him sane.
  • Rainy Days/Sunny Days
  • Pokemon Battles Excite him
  • Friendship at its finest(Compromises)
  • Water/Grass/Ice Type Pokemon
  • Gymleaders always seem to ammuse Kouki
  • He loves Swimming and Going to the beach. It always seems to calm his nerves
  • Tag Team pokemon battles are something that makes his heart do jumping jacks.


  • He dislikes soda pop, the fizziness doesn't sit well with him.
  • He claims that windy days are annoying because it messess with his hair.
  • Thunderstorms scare the living daylights out of him.
  • He hates calamity, nothing well comes out of it.
  • He dislikes Fire and electric type pokemon.
  • Losing battles aren't really all that fun for him.
  • Dirty pokemon battles (Cheaters)
  • Unappreciative Pokemon Trainers
  • The only water type pokemon he hates deeply with a passion is Luvdisc
  • Even though he knows that he must beat them inorder to become a pokemon champion, he never really did like the Elite four, he thinks they are freaky and scary.


  • In a pokemon battle he can adapt to the field he is surround by to help him have the upper hand.
  • He has been well taught about the lives of a pokemon and there well being.
  • He has a certain Connection with Water/Grass/Ice type pokemon that he doesn't have with any other types.
  • He can eat a whole whale without even giving it a seconds thought (High metabolism)
  • He is transparent (Can never lie)
  • he has a high self-esteem
  • Can befriend almost anyone he meets
  • Him and his seel have a spiritual bond that allows them to know what eachother is thinking.
  • Even though he isn't a breeder he can turn anything into food.
  • His speech patterns and enthusiasm make him the perfect candidate for a well fought out pokemon battle.


  • He can't go 30 minutes without eating something.
  • It is harder for him to connect with pokemn who aren't of the Ice/Grass/Water types.
  • He never really can win a trainer battle right off th back
  • He has a nack for sometimes saying the wrong thing at the wrong time
  • He talks a little too much for pleasure
  • He can't manage to be serious and when he is serious it oly last for so long...
  • He is very supersticious. Like majorly supersticous
  • Can be very emotional at times
  • He can be very hard headed
  • Has a strict policy of not battling at all when it is windy or a thunderstorm (this is actually a flaw of his)

Personality:Despite the fact that he may be wierd, he actually is what some people say the average person acts like, whatever the average person is. Kouki is your regular teen. He can be cocky, and sometimes obnoxious, but generally he is chill and friendly. he loves the thrill of a pokemon battle and right after that he loves it more when the battle is followed up with food. Food is something that pleases him more than the very life he is living, but sometimes food doesn't sit to well with him when he has eaten too much, but when has that ever stopped him. In reality it actually has enver stopped him. When he gets stuffed eh keeps eating, and surprisingly he enver gains any weight from any of it.

From food to joy, is a transition that makes life worth living, and in some cases even without food can one be happy. Normally Kouki wouldn't agree with that but eh, what can ya say, people have opinions. Some opinions, can well Unique. i guess that is the right word, but anywho, joy is something that makes Kouki happy. Whether it be the tranquility that forms his life or the low population of calamity. Joy makes him very, very happy. It makes him so happy that it turned him gay, but that is another story that I won't go into further detail with due to the eyes of younger viewers. Other than that the love he has for himself is the same love he has for everyone else, but with everyone else he shows love more. Sometimes depending on the person.

Face claim, Anime:N/A
Height:167 cm
Weight:67 kg
Eye color:Red
More description:Kouki has lavendar faded hair that compliments the color of his crimson red eyes, followed up with his tan-like olive skin tone. Around his neck he wears this necklace which he made himself. he wanted something on him to remind him of his mom so he decided to make the one piece of jewelry that she loved the most. Which was necklaces. They soothed her spirit, and gave her a sane mind, lets just hope it does the same for Young Kouki. he wers this jacket thatis bacl down the middle but tan everywhere else. It is a paculiar color clash but it seems to work for him. he wears dark blue jeans with black nicely laced shoes. His hair is kinda like a ruffled up bowl cut but with two individual bands that hang low from either side of his head to his shoulders.

Name:Jonathan Williams (Spanish name: Jonathan Patricio Neverra Ceidara)
Time Zone:Pacific
How to contact:Facebook=Jonathan Patrick Williams Email=
How did you find us:Forumotion

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PostSubject: Re: Kiyomizu, Kouki   Kiyomizu, Kouki EmptyTue Jul 19, 2011 4:14 pm

You've been accepted!

Welcome to the site! Make sure to post your face claim here!
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Kiyomizu, Kouki
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