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Part 1: Announcement

On the Thursday before the contest the Contest Director will create the contest topic in the Contest Hall of the city it will take place in. This post will contain a broadcast letter to all trainer's watches and those trainers that are entering the contest and the pokémon they are entering with. Do not reply to this topic.

Part 2: Application

All trainers that are interested in entering the contest should PM the Contest Director with their name and the pokémon they are using. They can submit two pokémon (one for performance, one for battle) unless the contest they are entering specifies otherwise. Please format this as 'Firstname Lastname with Pokémon1'sName the Pokémon1'sSpecies(if pokemon has nickname) and Pokémon2'sName the Pokémon2'sSpecies.' (Example: Jessica Smith with Gage/Squirtle and Ponyta). Invalid sections should be omitted, such as having no nickname or only entering one. Once received your information will be added to the contestants section of the announcement post. All trainers have until the Sunday before the contest, no applications will be accepted afterward. This date is subject to change according to circumstances. You may register as long as the contest is a Global Announcement, but I will usually take it down Monday night.

Part 3: Performance

By Tuesday night before the contest, or as early as with your application, all contestants must PM a performance post to the Contest Director. This should use 2-5 moves and be as descriptive and artistic as possible. One or two paragraphs long would be ideal, taking too long could eventually bore the judges. Judging will take place when all contestant's performances are received, but the results will not be posted yet.

Part 4: Arrival

All entered contestants must be in the city of the contest by the Thursday of the contest, one week after the contest was announced. Please make sure you've stopped any topics before going to whichever city the contest is in. The rule of liquid time is still in effect for contests. Simply stop the topic, and tell that you're going to the destination (this will be checked). Any trainers that do not make it or continue a topic while the contest is going on, will be omitted from the contest for whatever reason.

Part 5: The Performance Round

On either the Thursday after the announcement once all trainers are present or on the Friday following, the judged performances will be posted. This post will be placed below the announcement post and will include all contestant's performances, judge's commentary, announcer's narration, and the two finalists. These two finalists will not be allowed to enter the next contest, as a cooling period to prevent talented people from hogging the ribbons.

Part 6: The Battle Round

The two finalists will enter the contest hall from backstage, and battle in front of the judges and the audience. This battle will last either until there is a third page in the topic or until the Wednesday following the contest. If one player's pokémon faints the battle ends immediately and the other player is the victor. If either deadline is met the judges will decide a winner based on how artistically they battled. In this battle level difference is irrelevant, four or five good hits should be enough to knock out an opponent.

Part 7: The Prize

Once a winner is decided the judge will award the city's ribbon to the winner and a secondary prize to the runner-up. Also included with the ribbon is a cash prize of 100-1000 PokeCash and a rare item, and something special if the contest calls for it. The runner-up will receive a random TM.

Any questions? Don't hesitate to send me a PM. :)
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