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 Battle Center Guide

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PostSubject: Battle Center Guide   Battle Center Guide EmptyFri Jul 15, 2011 3:30 pm

BC Guide
Firstly, these rules will still apply.

The Battle Center is a great way to train your pokemon by battling other trainers across Elix. It is an new feature developed in Elix that lets you battle trainers that aren't even in the same pokemon center as you are. The BC is a room in every Pokemon center that has highly advanced holographic gadgets all around the room.

A trainer walks in and puts on the Battle Gear, which consists of boots gloves and a small helmet with a microphone, then they put three of their pokeballs in the Transport Tray. The tray then transports the pokeballs to a room somewhere underground with the other trainer's pokemon. Finally, the room in which the trainers are in creates holograms of the room the pokemon are in. It makes the trainers feel as if they're in the same room along with their pokemon. After this, the battle can begin. The battle will be moderated by workers at the Pokemon Centers that are standing by - think of them as telemarketers. Trainers can see and talk to their pokemon and their opponents and the moderator.

This feature is open to all trainers, just create a thread, and keep the steps in mind when posting. If you have any questions send me a message!
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Battle Center Guide
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