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 Wynter, Andy

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Andy Wynter
Andy Wynter

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PostSubject: Wynter, Andy   Wynter, Andy EmptyFri Jul 15, 2011 2:24 pm

Wynter, Andy

Age: 16
Birthday: 3/21/1994
Gender: M
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Class: Trainer
Starter Pokemon Bulbasaur

Hometown: Praz Town
Race: Human
History: Andy was born in a ordinary family in Praz town. His family was normal,neither rich or poor.His mother is a housewife and his father is an architect who usually goes out of town to repair bridges and stuff.When andy was born his mother quitted her nurse job to concentrate her whole attention into her child. Andy is a single child so, he is treated like the baby of the house especially by his mother.As he was being raised, Andy was forced to do chores and others thing so that he grew up as a hard working man. Even though he was raised to be a hard working man he ended up being the exact opposite, a lazy man.

When he wasn't doing chores, he was either at town playing soccer or basketball with his friends or in the forest looking for pokemon to play with. Normally, all he saw in the forest where bug pokemon like caterpies, weedles, wurmple and more. It was nice to play with pokemon, but Andy wanted to find more interesting pokemon so one day he headed deeper into the forest. The sun was setting and no luck finding more pokemon until a tree started to shook. Suddenly, a swarm of beedrill came out of the tree and started chasing Andy. He ran fast trying to lose the beedrills but they were just too fast for him.

Just when his hope was lost a bulbasaur jumped out of a bush and used vine whip scaring the beedrills away. Bulbasaur smirked at Andy and then ran away.Since that day Andy loved pokemon even more and bulbasaur became his favorite pokemon. He decided to grow up to be a pokemon trainer and start with a bulbasaur. His 16 birthday finally came and his mom gave him a new backpack and new clothing to start his new journey. It was hard to leave his home but it was a sacrfice he had to made to accomplish his dream.


Likes: Girls, Soccer, Videogames, Pokemon,Battling, Basketball, Sleeping, Drawing, Rain and Rock Music.
Dislikes: Baseball (ow), Sunny Days, Vegetable, Unfaithful Girls, Being hungry, Hypocrites, Country Music, Cats and
Personality: Andy, since young has been raised to work hard doing chores but sadly his parents efforts turned the exact opposite. He is known for being a lazyass guy. He still did the chores he was asked to do but usually inbetween work he found a place to sleep for a while. He normally likes to joke around but he knows when to stop so it doesn't make someone mad. He enjoys making people smile and laugh, probably the reason why he jokes around. He enjoys his battles and even if it looks like he is just playing, he definitly has a strategy in mind.

Face claim, Anime: Red, Pokemon Adventures
Weight: 134lbs
Eye color:Light Red
More description: He wears a crucifix around his neck and normally uses his hat backwards.

Time Zone: Central
How to contact: Email (In Profile.)
How did you find us:I work here?
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PostSubject: Re: Wynter, Andy   Wynter, Andy EmptyFri Jul 15, 2011 2:26 pm

You've been accepted!

Welcome to the site! Make sure to post your face claim here!
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Wynter, Andy
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