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 Trains, trains, trains

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Trains, trains, trains Empty
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Quote :
Transportation! Elix has a train that goes through from Altome city to Hallstone City and only goes through cities. Your character can use it to go back and forth from place to place, but it takes time so they can't board a train whenever they want and appear at the nest location immediately. Also, be sure to keep the map in mind.

Yes, that's right! The Elix Region now has trains. There are a total of five trains throughout the region, there is one in:

  • Altome
  • Coralview
  • Fuerscoul
  • Hallstone
  • Nev

The trains have a complex schedule that makes them all go off at different times and it makes it seem like they are always moving, but for the sake of specificity let's say they leave every 15 minutes. Cherrville may not have one, but it is in the middle of three railways, so the trains still pass through there and it is possible to get off in that city. The only place the trains don't go through is the Mountains, or the Port. To get to the mountains you simply tell the machine ahead of time, and to get to the Port you must stop at Hallstone and go from there. Yep, another nifty thing about the trains is that they are completely electronically powered, so they know their route, their schedule, their stops and they go on all day long.
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Trains, trains, trains
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