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to the Elix Region!

We're a role playing forum based on the anime/manga/videogame Pokemon. Please read the Newbie's Guide to help get started on our site. If you have any questions please come into the chat box. We love meeting potential members! ♥


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Elix Region FAQ

Timmy uses Google to find something related to pokemon. The first result in his search was "Pokemon Rp Kings." Timmy was curious to find out what that was about and clicked the link. His first thought was "Wow this place looks neat." but sadly he didn't know what to do, so Timmy decided to go to the chatbox. Once in the chatbox Timmy started asking questions to the admins:

Q: Whats a Pokemon Roleplaying site?
A: Its basically a place to create your own character following the Template and then embarking on your adventure to find and capture pokemon.

Q: So how do I start my adventure?
A: Its simple, just register using your characters first and last name. After your done you can start creating your character in the profile section template mentioned before. Make sure to post your profile in the correct section! After you're done show it to an admin that will approve it or deny it. If your denied don't worry we will tell you what you did wrong or what you're missing. Finally after being approved you can start your journey in Praz Town to collect your first pokemon.

Q: Sounds easy enough! But how do I get my first pokemon again?
A: You can get any Regional starter including Eevee of course.

Q: Oh So after I get my first pokemon, how do I get more?
A: To get other pokemon you can go to any of the wild areas to find wild pokemon. Obviously, you don't get to choose which pokemon you find. There a special mod system that consists on the moderators of the forum controlling your world. They will choose your opponent and in some occasions give you special missions to gain money and rare items.

Q: Sounds like fun, but I don't like weak pokemon. How do I make my pokemon level up to be stronger!?
A: It would take a long time for me to explain here in the chatbox but you can go read the leveling system and find out yourself. Its pretty easy and I bet you'll like it.

Q: How many moves can my pokemon have and how do I know at what level they earn a new move?
A: Your pokemon can only have 4 moves. You can you different websites like to find out at what level your pokemon gains a new move.

Q: Oh I get it..but what about items like pokeballs? How do I get money to buy them and where to buy them?
A: First you start with 5 pokeballs and 1000 pokecash. If you want to buy more pokeballs, you can go to the closest Pokemart. To get pokecash , you get them as a reward from beating a gym, finishing a quest that a mod gave to you and winning contest.

Q: Oh okay that's good. So do I lose my pokeballs if I fail to catch a pokemon like in the games?
A: No, this site is more anime based so the pokeballs don't disappear magically.

Q: That's great I was tired of losing my pokeballs, haha. So, can I have more than one character?
A: Of course Timmy. In the Rules you'll find out how much posts you need and the limits on how many characters can you have. Asides from other important rules.

"Thanks that's all for now!" Timmy said, leaving the chatbox excited to create his first character.
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