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 Coralview City Gym Leader - Cordelia

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PostSubject: Coralview City Gym Leader - Cordelia   Coralview City Gym Leader - Cordelia EmptyThu Jul 14, 2011 3:18 pm

Coralview City Gym Leader - Cordelia Water-1-Copy-Copy-1

Type: Water
Personality: Cordelia can easily be cool and calm, or hot and outraged. She has a split personality, so at any time she can get very harsh and rough. She enjoys the water, and you can always find her near it. She doesn't have many friends, being so socially awkward, so her pokemon are the only ones she trust.

- - -

Pokemon Team:

Coralview City Gym Leader - Cordelia Spr_5b_271
Ability: Rain Dish
Level: 15
Rain Dance
Nature Power

Coralview City Gym Leader - Cordelia Spr_5b_118_m
Ability: Swift Swim
Level: 15
Mud Shot
Horn Attack

Coralview City Gym Leader - Cordelia Spr_5b_516
Ability: Gluttony
Level: 17
Ice Beam
Role Play
After winning, prize:
TM55 Scald
600 PokeCash
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Coralview City Gym Leader - Cordelia
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