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We're a role playing forum based on the anime/manga/videogame Pokemon. Please read the Newbie's Guide to help get started on our site. If you have any questions please come into the chat box. We love meeting potential members! ♥


The >Elix Region has been hit with the summertime's harsh heat. Flowers bloom, leaves turn a bright green, and the sky is entirely blue.~

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 Site Rules

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  • Respect others. One thing we will definitely not tolerate is flaming and disrespecting others. We know there are certain things people will not agree on, so if you have an issue with another member let a staff member know and they will try to solve it for you. Harassing others will do absolutely nothing for you and is not going to be allowed. This goes for anything posted in the forums, PMing, or chatting on the cbox. We all want to have fun, so let's not have OOC drama.
  • Listen to the staff! They are staff for a reason and are only working so that you have a good time around here. If you happen to see or think that a staff member is abusing their power please let Cam or another admin know.
  • This is a mature site. Yes, swearing is allowed (but there's no need to do it every other word) and adult situations will be allowed. If you do have a topic where it might escalate to something Rated M, please put "[M]" in your topic title. The focus of this RP is Pokemon trainers, though, so let's not have thirty M threads and only a few that actually relate to pokemon. Also, we are LGBT friendly, but not Pokemon/Human friendly.
  • Appropriate graphic sizes. We don't want images to stretch outside of the avatar section or to have to scroll down to see your entire sig. Avatars should be no bigger than 150w x 200h and signatures shouldn't exceed 500 in width or 400 in height (recommended size is 400x150).
  • Vigilantes. We appreciate you trying to keep the site clean of 'criminals' but if you see someone breaking the rules PM a staff member with details. DO NOT try to take it into your own hands.
  • No advertising! We do affiliate, but you must fill out our affiliate's form. We're not a guest friendly affiliation site, because we tend to actually help our affiliates if they need it and we check regularly to make sure the site is still alive.

  • Register correctly. Please register with your character's first name and last name correctly capitalized. Example: Justin Flowers. If you are accepted and have made a mistake just contact an admin to change your username.
  • Word minimum. We don't like small posts and our mods usually need something to work with, so the word count must be at least 200. That's not to say you should reach 204 and stop there. We want our members to improve also, so going up to 300+ is a great thing. Still, we are a quality over quantity site, so if you feel you have a good post at exactly 200 then that's fine.
  • Simple posts. Please no templates, unnecessary centering, unnecessary bolding, etc. Just keep it simple and worry more about the quality of your post rather than how pretty it can be.
  • Remember your partner! Remember you are RPing with somebody, not just yourself. Always think of them in your posts. Do not control them or their pokemon unless they give you permission. Give them something good to respond to. Read it over and ask yourself if you were your partner, could you reply to that with a quality post?
  • Multiple characters. The most characters you can have is 3 for activity reasons. You must post at least 50 times (roleplay not ooc) with your first character to create another one. Also, create a new account for every new character.
  • Be active! We do monthly activity checks, but we also check on certain, random people every now and then. You must post at least 2 times with each character per week to be considered active.

  • We have a mod system. What does this mean? It means you can't just decide you caught a Riolu five minutes after you got your pokedex. Our mods will decide what kind of encounters you come across. They will be the judge of the fight, and will decide everything about a wild pokemon or an NPC. It's an interactive RP.
  • No liquid time! What this means is that you can't have two topics open at the same time. We limit you to a single topic so that it'll be easier for you and us to keep track of your pokemon, levels, encounters etc.
  • Transportation! Elix has a train that goes through from Altome city to Hallstone City and only goes through cities. Your character can use it to go back and forth from place to place, but it takes time so they can't board a train whenever they want and appear at the nest location immediately. Also, be sure to keep the map in mind.

Rules created by Cam specifically for Elix. No stealing. If you need help with rules just send this account a message.
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Site Rules
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